PowerPoint Presentations

Jim Larsen - AL7FS

Presented by AL7FS in the
Anchorage and South Central Alaska Area

Why QRP? . September 2002 (Huge file: 35Mb)... http://www.al7fs.us/WhyQRP.ppt

QRP Show and Tell . May 2005 (7.1Mb)... http://www.al7fs.us/QRPShowandTell.ppt

Kits and Construction . July 2006 ( 7.5Mb)... http://www.al7fs.us/Kits and Construction12July06.ppt

Toner Transfer Method for PCBs . One hamís first attempts to make PCBs at home . 1st draft March 2006 (3.2Mb)...
. .http://www.al7fs.us/Toner Transfer Presentation 22Mar06.ppt

AL7FS was orginally licensed as WN0LPK in March 1965 (WA0LPK from 1965-1985). Jim is President of the Anchorage Amateur Radio Club (AARC) and member of the South Central Radio Club (SCRC). He has participated in HF from 160-10 meters (CW and SSB), packet, satellite, 6 meter, UHF, VHF, ATV, EME (2 meter WAS #36), DX, and QRP. QRP has lasted the longest and the strongest - 1970 to the present.

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