King Salmon and K0JGL, Jeanette Larsen

caught July 2005 - On the Kenai , Alaska
I will just say Mom is 82 years old in 2005 and I couldn't be prouder of her. This year she caught a 90 pound Halibut, a 55 pound King salmon and then a 50 pound King salmon. This year was a good year for her AND for us as she can't possible get all that fish back to Atlantic, Iowa. The freezer is half full of fresh fish!! Thank you, Mom.

Extra thanks to Mike Turner, Kenai River Fishing Guide (907-248-4291) for his outstanding knowledge of the River and to Bob Beneda who so generously provides us a home on the Kenai each year.

90 pound halibut caught out of Ninilchik, Alaska in Cook Inlet - 12Jul05

55 pound King salmon caught on the world famous Kenai River Alaska - 28Jul05

2nd view of 55 pound King salmon - 28Jul05

50 pound King Salmon - 29Jul05

King Salmon on the cleaning table. Note the man's hand on the tail. 29Jul05

caught July 2, 2004 - Kenai River Alaska

This 2004, 68 pound King Salmon was caught by the other guy.

This 2001 fish was over 60 pounds and caught by K0JGL.
This 2002 fish was 51 pounds and caught by K0JGL.
The 2003 fish was 45 pounds and caught by K0JGL and was one of two that year.

So, in summary, these were a few of the Kenai River King Salmon caught by K0JGL in the past few years.

2001 was a really big one. In 2002 she caught a 51 pound King Salmon. In 2003 there were two 45 pound Kings. She was at it again in 2004 and was in the boat when two beauties were caught. Unfortunately, they were not hers. And finally her big year of 2005 with the 90 + 55 + 50 pounds of fish. Nice!!

Not bad for an octogenarian. :-)

Here is my first King Salmon. 61 pounds. It was caught while fishing from a rubber raft boat. The fish actually pulled us upstream. I never did figure out why the 25 pound test line didn't break.

73, Jim Larsen, AL7FS
Anchorage, Alaska

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