KØEVZ, Doc, visits Anchorage Alaska August 2002

Photos taken August 7, 2002

K0EVZ displays his special QSL "card" that is made from an Alaskan ULU.

Alaskan Ulu. What the heck is an ulu ?

The Alaska ULU knife (pronounced oo-loo) has been used for centuries by Native people of the Arctic. ULUs were first shaped from slate – a stone that can often be found, in its natural shape, curve or tapered to a fine edge. It was this natural stone formation which inspired the unique ULU design. This design offered better control and versatility for all-round cutting tasks. Used to skin, fillet, sew and eat, the ULU was and still is, their most popular cutting tool.

Natives decorated the bone and ivory handles of their ULUs with skilled carvings of animals and scenes of their everyday lives, and these ancient artifacts have become highly-valued Alaskana collector’s items. Many of them can be seen in museums throughout the state.

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