Excuses for Buying an Elecraft K1

Tom Hall wrote: I've already built a K2 and KX1 and I am quite happy with
them. Can someone give me a perfectly good excuse to build a K1? (..Please:-))
Tom, AK2B

Note: Tom bought his K1 within the first two weeks after posting this message.
As of Aug08, Tom apparently has a K3, K2, K1, and a KX1. Smart man.

If two is good then three is better?

So you can tell the story of Tommy and the Three Rigs. Too big, too small and just right?

Because you want one?

Saves you from the bar scene for another few weeks?

Better than television?

So you can sell the completed unit to AL7FS for half the price of the kit?

Because when you photograph the K2 and KX1 with out the K1 "something" seems to be missing?

Having all three rigs elevates you to a higher social status?

If you ever have three kids you can leave one rig to each? K2 to the favorite and so on?

Bragging rights at the next ham club or QRP club meeting?

The K1 will mount better on the bicycle for mobile operation?

The K1 will mount better on the golf cart for mobile operation?

Because the K1 is "cool"?

To help you sleep at night? Stroking a K1 is said to calm the nerves and allow for a deeper sleep?

So you can write a comparison article about all three rigs.

So can can then ship the comparison article to AL7FS for his club newsletter?

To help avoid housework for a couple of weeks while the K1 is under construction?

The K1 fits in a briefcase so you can take it to work and show your coworkers?

You need a K1 because you can afford it and know that you deserve it?

Because the K1 may increase in value over time and you need it for your investment portfolio?

To keep up with your QRP buddies who have one?

A K1 will help build your self worth and self esteem?

So that you can make an 11x14 or 16x20 photo of all three, frame it and put it on the living room wall?

A K1 will help to hone your soldering skills and stave off Alzheimer's by exercising the brain in a similar fashion to doing crossword puzzles?

It's just a real pleasure to own such terrific gear.

Why not buy a K1? What's stopping you?

I will let you know if I think of any other reasons to buy a K1.

73, Jim
Jim Larsen