Alaska 10 meter Beacon is operational!

Initially activated 14Jun06, the new beacon was reactivated on Jan 27, 2011 at the new site. The beacon will be operational full time.

Frequency = 28.239.2 MHz .....frequency coordinated
Antenna = half-wave vertical
GoogleEarth coordinates: 61 9'6.12"N 149 52'31.45"W
. . . . Cut and paste the coordinates into Google Earth search to see the antenna location. You can actually see the antenna on the CWM building to the south.
Grid Square = BP51bd
Power = 2 watts
Beacon message = AK AK AK de AL7FS AL7FS AL7FS bcn < ~1 sec. pause>
This a joint project of KL7JGN and AL7FS.

Valentine's Day success!

Mark, Ku7z reports:
Copied your restored 10 meter beacon here this afternoon in Ogden, Utah, grid DN41af. It got up to a 579 for a few minutes and then faded.
My report..
2011-02-14 2310 utc
RST 579 on its peak
QTH - Ogden, UT DN41af
Ant: 3-ele tribanderM
Rig: Yaesu FT-1000mp MKV

Thanks for having it on!

73, Mark, Ku7z
Ogden, Northern UT (NUT)

Prior to this Valentive's Day success, Steve McDonald, VE7SL, on Zulu 5 July 2006 copied the beacon. His QTH is Mayne Island, B.C. which is close to Victoria on Vancouver Island. He states, "Last night we had a nice 50MHz opening to Alaska so in the middle of it I took a look for your beacon and there it was. I made several 1 minute files but this was the best of the bunch, when the signal was at its strongest. This is via Es at 0510Z July 06. I suspect that the skip distance to KL7 was not optimum for 10m as the KL7 signals on 6m were very strong at the time." . . Steve / VE7SL

If you are up for a 1.3 MB download, take a listen.

Reports and comments to: beacon3 .. . at(t) ...

For your signal report to be of maximum value, please include the following info:

73 - Jim Larsen - AL7FS

Beacon Reports Map - starting February 2011