Resistor Drawer Labels A Better Way

Jim Larsen - AL7FS AK/QRP #003

I recently became frustrated with the labels on my drawers of resistors. They are in the garage and the lighting is not so good. Also, the writing on each label was old and very hard to read in the reduced lighting. It was time to correct the problem. I created a spreadsheet with the values I required for my collection of resistors. I color coded the drawer labels based on the third color band on the resistors. This really helps when sorting resistors into the drawers.

The spreadsheet can be found at

I also wrote up the specifics and added photos. The article can be read at
or at

Take care.

73, Jim Larsen, AL7FS

AL7FS was originally licensed as WN0LPK in March 1965 (WA0LPK from 1965-1985). Jim is a member of AARC and SCRC and he has participated in HF from 160-10 meters (CW and SSB), packet, satellite, 6 meter, UHF, VHF, ATV, EME (2 meter WAS #36), DX, and QRP. QRP has lasted the longest and the strongest - 1970 to the present.

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