AL7FS <---> ZL1MH
1,549,111 miles per watt
August 19, 2000

Jim Larsen - AL7FS
AK/QRP #003

AL7FS<--->ZL1MH - 1,549,111 miles per watt

Random QSO: AL7FS answered ZL1MH CQ QRP.

This 2xQRPp QSO was between AL7FS, Jim Larsen and ZL1MH, Mike Hutchins.

Anchorage, Alaska to Waima, New Zealand, about 29km west of Kaikohe (Kaikohe is about 250km north of Auckland)

Date: 8/19/2000 at 0642Z on 14.060 MHz

ZL1MH at 100 mW received a 559 from AL7FS
69,710 miles per watt at a distance of 6.971 miles

AL7FS at 4.5 mW received a 229 from ZL1MH
1,549,111 miles per watt at a distance of 6,971 miles

(Calculated using the QRP-L Server calculator function)

AL7FS details:
...Kenwood TS450S, OHR WM-2 QRP wattmeter, KLM KT34A at 40 feet

...Latitude: 61.1009636 N - 61 degrees, 06 minutes, 03 seconds N

...Longitude: 140.82379 W - 149 degrees, 49 minutes, 26 seconds W

ZL1MH details:
...Elecraft K2, wattmeter unknown, antenna is a BIG horizontal loop, around 1200ft long, 50ft high and fed with openwire line in the south corner (loop is square). Uses z-matchATUs and uses the loop on 160 through 10m. Been using it for 13 years, noproblems and not much maintenance!

...Latitude: 35.3 S - 35 degrees, 18 minutes S

...Longitude: 173.35 E = 173 degrees, 21 minutes E

73, Jim, AL7FS