Ten-Tec 282 and 285 CW filters

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13 March 2005

I was about to sell my Ten-Tec 282 and 285 CW filters and have pulled the component values off the filters for you. The crystal parameters are unknown.

I suggest you save the .jpg files for each specification page to your Hard Drive and then open and print with your favorite program that can handle sizing and such. I print with Microsoft Photo Editor. My html skills are non existent and if you just print the webpage you will likely be irritated with the output.

Asked: "Does anyone know what the characteristic input and output impedances of the 220 9MHz filter are? Or the 6.3 MHz filters?"....Duane, N9DG
Yes, I do! The input and output Z of the 220 is 200 ohms. The models 282, 285 and 288 are 6.3 mHz and have input and output Zs of 200 ohms, also. 73, Roy, K6XK

I hope this page of info will be of use to you. 73, Jim, AL7FS

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Updated 2/19/05